Social Media marketing

With social media‚Äôs ever-changing technical landscape, it is essential to have a dedicated social media agency to professionally and effectively manage a business’s social channels.

Algorithms, formulas and best practices are now part of the social media equation. Content and posting strategies need to align with the technical aspect of each platform to ensure messages are reaching fans and followers.

the midnight oil group views social media marketing as a main component of any business’s communications efforts. As a long-standing social media agency, the midnight oil group sets up, creates content for and manages all social media platforms for clients, including (but not limited to):

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising

Social media has become a pay-to-play space, and while the midnight oil group champions good organic content, we understand the need to allocate ad dollars to maximize reach on certain social media platforms.

Much more than arbitrarily increasing fans, the midnight oil group ensures a social media ad spend aligns with an overall marketing strategy to achieve measurable results. As a data-driven social media agency, we effectively budget and manage digital budgets to maximize conversions, increase followers and boost engagement. We ensure all backend components work together to properly track data and metrics, resulting in a more informed, more successful campaign.

Other social media-based services include:

  • Social media contesting
  • Social media influencer procurement