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Healthy Pet is an organic pet store with flocations throughout Austin, Texas. With an engaged, social-media savvy customer base, the midnight oil group handles all social media marketing for the stores, as well as email marketing and graphic design.


Social Media

Graphic Design

Social Marketing

In addition to curating content and managing reposts and shares from in-store visitors, the
midnight oil group designs custom content to promote products, specials and events. Sincetheir customer base is extremely tapped into social media, our agency fields all incoming messages and inquiries, relaying them to store staff to provide quick responses. Our team actively engages with fans and followers, as well as engages with customers on their profiles and with otherbrand partners.

Email Marketing

the midnight oil group sends monthly e-blasts to Healthy Pet customers that promote special, monthly promotions. These e-blasts are designed to effectively feature specific brands andproducts that are on sale, with links directly to the website for purchase. Each e-blast typicallyresults in $1,000 – $3,000 in additional online sales.
Healthy Pet email marketing
Healthy Pet - June e-blast

Graphic Design

All of the Healthy Pet stores are extremely active in the local community, which includesattending, sponsoring or hosting pet-focused events. The midnight oil group develops marketing materials as needed for these events, including one-off flyers, posters or social media posts.Additionally, our team has developed in-store signage for POS, coolers and freezers.