Digital Advertising

For brands with an online presence, digital advertising is a critical element of the marketing strategy. While organic content creation is important to build credibility and longevity for a brand, marketing dollars must be allocated to a digital advertising strategy.

At the midnight oil group, we take a deep dive into our clients’ past analytics and make recommendations to move brands forward based on their goals. Whether clients want to increase followers and engagement on social media, drive more traffic to their website or promote a specific product or service, the midnight oil group identifies the appropriate digital channels, develop an advertising budget and create creative campaigns that deliver results. We are constantly analyzing data and making strategic modifications whenever necessary.

At the midnight oil group, we employ a comprehensive approach to digital advertising, which encompasses social media advertising, Google Ads, search engine marketing, and display advertising.

Social Media Advertising

More than arbitrarily increasing followers, the midnight oil group ensures that a social media ad spend is aligning with an overall marketing strategy and achieving measurable results. As a data-driven social media agency, the midnight oil group effectively manages digital budgets to maximize conversions, increase followership and boost engagement. the midnight oil group ensures all backend components work together to properly track data and metrics, resulting in a more informed, more successful campaign.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to driving paid traffic to your website, commonly through Google Ads. the midnight oil group runs Performance Max, Lead Gen, Search, Local, Gmail, YouTube and Display ads that entice target audiences then continuously analyze  performance, click-through rates, cost per click and conversion rates to ensure each campaign is successful and meeting the clients’ goals


Remarketing or ad retargeting involves serving an ad to people who have visited your website or social media platforms. This is a cost-effective way to increase sales conversions as it targets individuals who have already expressed interest in your product or service. the midnight oil group handles all set up and ongoing management for effective remarketing campaigns.


When people think of digital ads, they often envision display digital ads. These are the pioneer of digital advertising and used to be considered value-add or throw-in feature when purchasing a print ad or TV spot. Nowadays, digital display ads are a valuable marketing tool in their own right, and they can come in the form of banner advertisements or video.