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The Texas Garden

The Texas Garden is a new concept under development in Waco, Texas. Half landscape supply center, half garden and event lifestyle destination, the husband-and-wife owners needed help pulling their vision together with a cohesive brand message and visual identity.



Graphic Design

Website Design & Development

Brand Development

the midnight oil group started with brand development: streamlining messaging, illustrating brand differentiators, honing the mission and identifying target customers. This integral step ensures all future marketing and design is strategic and focused. Having a strong brand foundation serves as a roadmap to keep efforts on point as the business grows and develops.

Logo & Brand Identity Development

the midnight oil group needed to nail the logo, as it would be prominently displayed on the building’s exterior as well as used throughout a wide variety of retail items in the store. The client wanted a look that spoke to the rustic nature of Texas, but also felt feminine and soft as a garden center.

The result was the perfect blend of both elements, incorporating a more rustic font with a streamlined design. In addition, the midnight oil group designed a trio of suppporting logo variations to be used as needed.

The Texas Garden
The Texas Garden
The Texas Garden
The Texas Garden Business Card Design