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Dirty Girl Farm

Dirty Girl Farm is an organic, vegan skincare and beauty company that had been in business for over 20 years when they hired the midnight oil group to spearhead their marketing. A rapidly growing company that relied primarily on word-of-mouth referrals and brand reputation to drive sales, Dirty Girl Farm was looking to grow the brand by boosting its image. There was little brand consistency, with assorted employees sending out e-blasts and posting to social media intermittently. Their packaging was unprofessional and did not reflect the high-quality products they sold. The skincare brand also focused on in-store sales, neglecting e-commerce revenue.

the midnight oil group worked with Dirty Girl Farm for a year and a half, and, during that time, increased the skincare brand’s e-commerce sales by 1,000%. We set up  successful affiliate and wholesale programs, which created additional revenue streams for the brand.


Email Marketing

Social Media

Website Design & Development

Public Relations

Graphic Design

Package Design

Logo Refresh

the midnight oil group redesigned the Dirty Girl Farm logo and product packaging to kick off the two companies’ work together. For over 20 years, Dirty Girl Farm had used Avery mailing labels for their packaging in order to keep costs down. the midnight oil group redesigned DGF’s visual identity and created a professional, modern label that maintained the organic, handmade feel the client desired.

old logo
Dirty Girl Farm logo

Website Design & Development

the midnight oil group designed and developed an e-commerce website for the small business’s 400 SKUs. We photographed products, organized inventory, rewrote product descriptions for consistency, created a tagging system and ensured all messaging was uniform and on brand. We also integrated an email marketing automation into the website, which tracked all customer purchases and website activity for a custom shopping experience.

Email Marketing

With Dirty Girl Farm’s new e-commerce website launched, the midnight oil group refocused the company’s email marketing efforts to drive sales. We created weekly e-blasts that experienced a higher-than-industry-average open rate and contributed to an increase in both online and in-store sales. Thirty-eight percent of website traffic came directly from e-marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Much like e-marketing, social media was a major avenue for Dirty Girl Farm to connect with customers. In addition to developing custom content, we responded to daily customer inquiries and furthered the brand message with strategic posts and special promotions.

Package Design

As the brand was owned, operated and produced by one woman, she used Avery labels as her labeling solution because she could do it herself and keep costs down. As she scaled her business, she hired the midnight oil group to create professional labels for her products.

the midnight oil group designed on-trend labels that tied to the existing brand for a cohesive look and feel. We also ensured they labels were water and oil resistant, and that they were simple enough for the owner to add easily to her growing collection of products.