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Deadwood Bar & Grill

Deadwood Bar + Grill is an American-style restaurant located in Northville, Michigan. They offer a variety of classic and comfort food options in a rustic setting. the midnight oil group has provided a variety of ongoing design, marketing and social media services for this local staple.


Website Design & Development

Graphic Design

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation

Public Relations



Digital Advertising

Website Design & Development

Deadwood Bar & Grill hired the midnight oil group to revamp the restaurant’s website on a new CMS that can be easily updated due to the changing nature of the restaurant’s menu, specials, events and promotions. We designed an engaging website on Squarespace, which allows for flexibility and showcases the food and venue nicely. Our agency maintains the website, updating it regularly to reflect menu and seasonal changes.

Public Relations

the midnight oil group promotes Deadwood’s latest news using traditional public relations avenues, such as local television coverage, newspaper inclusion and magazine features.

Content Creation, Photography & Videography

We provide regular photography and videography services to Deadwood Bar & Grill, where we creative direct shoots to be used across marketing efforts, including social media, email marketing, digital ads and website.

Social Media Marketing

the midnight oil group directs all marketing for the restaurant, including social media marketing, public relations and email marketing.

Igloo Reservation Coordination

Like many Detroit-based restaurants, Deadwood offers heated, themed igloos during the winter. Our agency implemented an online reservation system, and we handle all promotion for these special experiences.

Deadwood Bar & Grill igloos
Deadwood Bar & Grill Igloos