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Crue IQ

This client came to the midnight oil group with a business idea, but he needed help choosing a business name, creating a logo, designing a brand identity and crafting messaging for his B2B benchmarking data business.


Business Consulting


Business Naming

After an initial brand intake, our team got to work researching and brainstorming potential business names. The name selected by the client was Crue IQ, which is derived from the word “accrue” to reflect the data collection element of his business. IQ was added to provide a cue to potential customers that the data was smart and reliable.

Logo Development

The next step was creating a visual identity for the brand. The client wanted an icon representation that depicted an intersection of data and information. Our final iteration uses white space to replicate a linear pattern, much like a strand of cords that lead up to a light fixture. We chose to forego any color and keep the mark black and white for a tech-based, innovative vibe.

Brand Development

Finally, the midnight oil group crafted brand messaging via our signature Brand Dashboard that the client can use throughout various sales and marketing materials.

Crue IQ